Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Level 3 Cape Wrath

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Deserts of Kharak - Khaaneph Double Production Cruiser Aggression

A guide to executing a double Production Cruiser opening for the Khaaneph faction in multiplayer.

Deserts of Kharak Campaign - 7: Gaalsien Base

With the Ashoka destroyed, the Kapisi and the Sakala move to assault a nearby Gaalsien Base.

Homeworld Remastered Campaign: 2 - Outskirts of the Kharak System

The Mothership jumps to the edge of the solar system to rendezvous with the Khar-Selim.

Deserts of Kharak - Skirmish Guide: Gaalsien vs 3 Hard AI

Another strategy to completely own the AI, playing as the Gaalsien faction. Artifact Retrieval mode. Follow me on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/Dreamlands_YT?lang=en

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Ship Sizes Comparison

Here are most Deserts of Kharak playable ships with humans next to them to see how big they are :) Enjoy! Frequently Asked Questions below: What programs did you use? I used Unity studios to extract the models from the game files,then Autodesk FBX Converter to convert the .fbx files into a format that Blender could import. Are dimensions accurate? Yes, models were imported without changing the scales ,the length of each ship comes from the Expedition Guide. Why is the Gaalsien Heavy Railgun not appearing? I could not find in the game files, despite opening every unit_g* file. Why are all the ships grey and not Yellow or Red? The team colors are applied on most of the grey areas, and are only generated by the game. The exceptions are the Gaalsien Flagship, Rachel's Baserunner and all ships and structures that don't appear in skirmish. Why do i get motion sickness when the camera is scrolling too fast? 30 FPS, i could have rendered it at 60 but since I'm a lazy motherfucker, I didn't :) Tracklist 00:00 32 The Kalash Wrecksite 03:01 112 Shadows in the Sand 04:55 105 History of the Kalash 06:34 109 The Dune Sea 08:16 98 The K'Had Sajuuk has been Defeated 09:16 95 The First City of Kharak Last orthographic view available here: https://imgur.com/Q1yi79O or here: https://mega.nz/#!Qp1Bia6L!-7CH7cSHNZ... (9Mb)

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