Demon's Souls in 1 Hit

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Dark Souls 2 In 1 Hit

When the frame perfect tech is just right. Special thanks to Butchimus, HC, and Hopscotch for helping out.

Halo 2 Without Friction

Master chief goes on a slip and slide adventure~ Halo 2: Project Cartographer : My Mod : Original Halo 1 Prototype mod: Special thanks to the H2:PC team for help with making this mod!

Demon's Souls: Glitches

A countdown of the top 10 most interesting glitches / exploits found in Demon's Souls. FEATURED MUSIC: Windmills: OTHER SOURCES: FOLLOW THE CHANNEL: YouTube: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Twitch: Soundcloud: RedBubble: Patreon:

How to be OP and break Bloodborne (+10 before Amelia)

A detailed guide on making a build with a +10 weapon before Vicar Amelia. By using "False Depth Chalices", which are edited chalices that are shared using glyphs, you can get overpowered late game gears early including end game caryll runes, lost and uncanny weapons, and most importantly, a way to farm Bloodstone Chunks and Bloodgems right after killing Blood-starved Beast. All glitches and exploits were done in the most recent version of Bloodborne. Discord : Patreon : Twitch : Twitter : All False Depth Chalice Glyphs : Musics Used :

Anime is dumb lol.

Extra thonks to Hopscotch for helping me test stuff.

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Darude - Sandstorm

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