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Hollow Knight - Boss Battles [No Damage] + True Ending

Hollow Knight on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/367520 Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch. Bosses in video: [00:00] 1. False Knight [01:45] 2. Hornet [03:15] 3. Gruz Mother [04:05] 4. Crystal Guardian [05:04] 5. Elder Hu [06:39] 6. Brooding Mawlek [07:38] 7. Xero [09:04] 8. No Eyes [11:32] 9. Gorb [12:42] 10. Soul Master [16:12] 11. Dung Defender [17:38] 12. Flukemarm [18:20] 13. Broken Vessel [19:44] 14. Watcher Knight [22:02] 15. Crystal Guardian (Round 2) [22:35] 16. Marmu [23:52] 17. Mantis Lords [25:27] 18. Galien [26:49] 19. Nosk [28:33] 20. Uumuu [30:20] 21. Hornet (Round 2) [32:09] 22. The Collector [33:35] 23. Zote [34:19] 24. Failed Champion [35:45] 25. Soul Tyrant [38:44] 26. Lost Kin [40:17] 27. Markoth [43:07] 28. God Tamer [44:27] 29. Traitor Lord [45:06] 30. The Hunter [45:58] 31. Final Boss: The Hollow Knight [47:12] 32. True Final Boss: The Radiance [50:57] Ending

Hollow Knight Any % 53:11 RTA [Steel soul World Record] (BALLS OF STEEL MODE)

I think a nice juicy wall of text section would be appropriate here, considering how I squeezed every bit of fun I could from this game before I move on. I'd first like to point out that by all means I'm not a "pro" speedrunner, this is in fact my first real attempt(s) at getting a top time in speedrunning. Those who are familiar with my channel would already know that my main focus is to simply beat tough challenges and upload feats which I feel that will be worthwhile to watch due to their high challenging nature. I always perceived speedrunning as a mindless automated task, left for those who aren't generally talented, but want to leave a mark with some hard work and perseverance. So what changed my mind and give this a shot? First of all, Hollow knight is probably going to be one of the if not THE best game I've played in 2017. Yes, it's that good in my opinion. Next, after 100%ing it on steam, I felt that steel mode didn't really deliver the hardcore feeling that other yolo feats share.. it was way too lenient. And so, I've discovered the possibility of running the game not only with one life, but also with a high risk high reward charm which leaves you susceptible to a very quick death. Simply beating the game in that manner would be another mindless task, so I decided to spice it up with a speedrun attempt while crippling myself to the most extreme point without subtracting from a potential time for WR. If this run gets more optimized, then I can see another save of 2~3 minutes. But in all honesty, I did it more for the challenge than for the competition. Also, do note that there are no previous splits since I did all of my practice runs on separate save files (for various segments / bosses), and none were in Steel mode as this run is, which is also the only attempt that I managed to get past the jelly skip in one go. I hope you'll have a good time watching this as I had playing it. P.S The only way to break this record is to prove you have bigger balls.

HOLLOW KNIGHT - Hornet Mourning Her Mother

Getting the King's Brand before Killing Herrah allows Hornet to say her goodbyes. SUBSCRIBE ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_channel=Astoroth Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Astoroth


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Hollow Knight - Lifeblood (Cocoon Locations + Max Possible Health)

"Small scuttling seed filled with Lifeblood, which can be extracted and consumed for its healthful properties. The bright liquid inside of these little fellows is delicious, and drinking it will make you feel stronger. I wonder how my own innards taste... would it be a heinous thing to try and drink some?" - Lifeseed Journal Entry Though my use of Lifeblood for my first run was quite scare, that doesn't change the fact that it is still very fascinating! Lifeblood can also be very effective when used right; mostly to tank the first half of a boss, cover for a mistake or just more room for damage in general. Lifeblood taken from Lifeseeds is also best used in a fight with a mindset that you're gonna succeed so if you think you can take down a boss with just a little help, go find your nearest Lifeblood Dispenser and just go at it! I dedicate this video to that aspect of the game that I found very interesting! Also, I tried to do a little experiment. Hope you enjoy! If you seriously haven't bought Team Cherry's game yet, do yourself a favor and give your money's worth http://store.steampowered.com/app/367520/Hollow_Knight/ Music is Hornet's theme from the Hollow Knight Album composed by the fantastic Christopher Larkin. Go subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/user/ComposerLarkin Gary Jules - Mad World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N3N1MlvVc4 Subscribe to my channel if you feel like it.

Hollow Knight Lifeblood

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