Steamed Hams, but it's a Viral Meme from 2001

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Steamed Hams but they only use the 1000 most common words

AKA Heated Water Clouded Pink Animal Insides Pieces. Made with the help of Script: Well, you, I made it, despite your directions. Ah, school area leader man, hello! I hope you're prepared for a lunch that you won't be able to forget! Yes. *gasp* Oh you gods! My food is broken! But what if... I were to buy fast food and pass it off as my own prepared food? Ohohoho, bad in a good way, me! Aa. Man and his crazy reasons, the School Area Leader's going to need his fix, when he hears man's poor not-truths there'll be trouble in town tonight! Man!!! School Area Leader, I was just... stretching my lower legs on the side of the window! Training by forcing against a thing! Care to join me? Why is there smoke coming out of your heating box man? Uh, Oh, that isn't smoke! It's heated water clouds! Heated water clouds from the heated water clouded eat-able water creatures with hard outsides we're having! Mmm, heated water clouded eat-able water creatures with hard outsides! Whew! Well School Area Leader, I hope you're ready for some mouth-watering animal insides circles! I thought we were having heated water clouded eat-able water creatures with hard outsides. Oh, no, I said heated water clouded pink animal insides pieces! That's what I call animal insides circles. You call animal insides circles heated water clouded pink animal insides pieces? Yes! It's a way of speaking usual in a certain area. Uh huh, really, what area? Uhh, up-state North-East state with the largest city. Really? Well I'm from a city in that area and I've never heard anyone use the words heated water clouded pink animal insides pieces. Oh, no, not in that area, no, it's a way of speaking usual of the state's law-making city. I see. You know these animal insides circles are quite like the ones they have at the fast food store across the street. Ohohohoho, no, animal insides circles made by people with my last name and that are ours by law! Old family food-making directions! For heated water clouded pink animal insides pieces. Yes! Yes, and you call them heated water clouded pink animal insides pieces despite the fact that they're clearly heated on a metal screen. Uh.... you know.... one thing I should.... allow me for one second. Of course. *yawn* Well, that was full of wonder. Good time was had by all, I'm tired! Yes, I should be- good god, what is happening in there? The North Lights. The North Lights?! At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, made small enough to fit completely within your kitchen. Yes! May I see it? No. Son! The house is on fire! No mother, it's just the North Lights. Well, you, you are a strange man, but I must say, you make water heated to make a good pink animal insides piece. Help! Help!


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Steamed Hams but the lines are all from other episodes

Thanks to modern editing techniques, we can use existing audio to complete the Steamed Hams scene without the original dialogue. Seamless, huh?

Comic Book Origins of The New Spider-Verse Heroes

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Steamed Hams but there's a different animator every 13 seconds

To mark 22 years to the day since "22 Short Films About Springfield" first aired (and to shamelessly get in on a popular meme), a bunch of animators re-made the visuals of the "Steamed Hams" sequence in 13-second blocks, each in their own unique art style and skill level. This is the result. Animators, in order of segment: 0:06 Joe Brennan 0:18 Mike Breychak 0:31 Ryan "R. Wappin" Krzak 0:44 Andrew "TmsT" Kepple 0:57 Austin Davis - 1:10 Nick Leong - 1:23 Grant Wooley - 1:36 Jeff "Aperture Jam" Cook - 1:50 Rob Yulfo - 2:02 Anonymous 2:15 Brandon Thompson - 2:28 Chris "Lepy" Meyer - 2:41 Guy Incognito This video is also available with permission on AlbinoBlacksheep's youtube channel.

Taken from Steambaumsworld.ham
If you like add me on MSN at, my next video will have Shakira doing the hamster dance!!!!11

For those who are looking for the voices; Skinners is Microsoft Sam, Operator/Mechanic is Microsoft Mike, and the opening is Mike with effects, I got them from the Online Microsoft Sam TTS Generator.
Chalmers is the Fruity Loops voice AreYouReady, and ironically not AllYourBase, you have to put hyphens in-between the words or it talks too slow.

Also, I meant to add a reference to Zero Wing Rhapsody from the start but forgot. Just pretend there's a lazy version of this where it plays over the unedited Skinner & the Superintendent

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