Honkai Impact 3 SEA - Focus Supply Planck 5005 Crystal

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Honkai Impact 3 : Epic salt for the queen!! (100+ gacha pull)

May Ai-chan be with you and get a good pull... • Track Info: Title: A WAY FOR ME Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Genre: Pop Mood: Happy Download: https://goo.gl/m4iZkF • Licence: A WAY FOR ME by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Q-yp9a8gKD8

Honkai Impact 3 - Herrscher of the Void Expansion Supply! Going all out to get her!

84,000 crystals to guarantee an S-Rank and full equipment! How far will we need to go? Herrscher of the Void and Arctic Kreigsmesser Expansion Supply: 9th - 25th November Rate up: Herrscher of the Void Arctic Kreigmesser Non-rate up: Sakuno Rondo Gyakushinn Miko Imayoh Ritual Keys of the Void Expansion Supply 9th - 25th November -Focused Weapon Keys of the Void -Focused Stigmata Celine: Ascendant (T)(M)(B) Non-Rate Up Weapons Tranquil Arias Void Blade Sheathed Blade Briareus PRI Eliudnir Nuada's Grief Non-Rate Up Stigmata Gustav Klimt Tesla Band Siegfried Kaslana Cecilia Shariac JP Weapon List (Pistols): https://houkai3rd.gamewith.jp/article/show/48937 JP Stigmata List: https://houkai3rd.gamewith.jp/article/show/49777

Honkai Impact 3 - 20 Focused Pulls for Mjolnir & Planck! (+ Sakura Samsara Coming)

Hey guys, today in Honkai Impact 3 we're doing 20 gacha pulls for the new focused supply for Planck stimata and Mjolnir. Since we already had Void Blade, we skipped its focused supply. Support: https://www.patreon.com/mogawty Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mogawty Subscribe to Mogawty Gaming: https://goo.gl/1iUJHA Check out Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/mogawty?ref=hl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) Outro Music: "Gavin Luke - Ain't No Thing But To Swing"

Honkai Impact 3 SEA - Snowy's Infinite Freezing [Cosmos Break!] | Myriad Abyss 29F 66000°C

Snowy Sniper soloing that Myriad abyss :3 Insane HP drain! Recommended Stigma: Planck Set for SS Lier S(T) Planck (M) Lier S (B) F2P friendly: Top: Any stigma that boost charge/all dmg Mid: Tesla Btm: Attila

Honkai Impact 3 - 8,680 gems on Pledge of Sakura Focused Supply!

Not a necessary draw, but I thought it'd be fun to get. I'm quite the Teri fan, but not a crazy one! Pledge of Sakura Focused Supply 30th March - 2nd April -Focused Weapon Pledge of Sakura -Focused Stigmata Nuwa (T)(M)(B) Non-Rate Up Weapons Proto Spirit Bow Mjolnir 3rd Sacred Relic Core Evoker Delta Star Destroyer 19C 7th Sacred Relic Non-Rate Up Stigmata Celine Sin Mal Kepler Isaac Newton JP Weapon List (Cross): https://houkai3rd.gamewith.jp/article/show/62448 JP Stigmata List: https://houkai3rd.gamewith.jp/article/show/49777 Currently playing on SEA Version Check out the channel's info for download links!

Where is my Planck ?
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