Nex Machina PS4 First Look Tech Discussion

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Nex Machina - Behind the Scenes: Fluid System and Tech | PS4 Behind the Scenes of Nex Machina - Fluid system and tech is about rendering voxel worlds without geometry, Particle system feedback, and how to generate explosion waves. Nex Machina™ Copyright ©2017 Housemarque Oy All Rights Reserved.

Nex Machina PS4 Review: Arcade Perfection | PlayStation 4 | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage

Nex Machina launches on PS4 this week, and we couldn't let it slide by without some kind of review for you. This video includes PS4 Pro gameplay footage from the first world in the game. You'll find a full written review here: --- For more information, visit: Twitter: Facebook:


7/26/17 UPDATE: Smach opened up their "prototype" and I have been vindicated Today we have a good ol' exposé, my favorite type of episode. I hope the wait has been worth it, it took a really long time to get to the bottom of this! SMACH Z EXPOSED!! $652,909 SCAM? Special thanks to channel Tech It Out for their teardown of a Linx 10 tablet. Daniel Fernandez Ignacio Armenteros Antonio de la Torre Miguel Gelabert Reus Pedro David Pelaez

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John and Rich convene to take a look at first footage of Nex Machina running on the base PlayStation 4. It's looking very, very special. Much of the fine detail may be lost here. Supporters of Digital Foundry's Patreon can grab the master encode here:

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