Dodge Challenger Hellcat tips on how to change the oil

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In this video my friend Tom and I change the oil in my Hellcat and we show you some of the weird things about changing the oil in the hellcat. SEND ME STUFF: Family Cruisin P.O. Box 1029 Plainfield IL 'I'd like to thank all of you for your support through these years. As a result, this channel has grown and allowed me an equity partnership with Please take the time to check them out. They help you buy and sell your next car and even have a negotiating tool to save you from the hassle of haggling with multiple dealers.' , 60544 Subscribe: Crown Customs & Coatings: Save 10% when mentioning this channel. Car Capsule that I bought: Car Capsule YouTube Video: Stuff I have bought for my Hellcat: Camera I Use: checkout the Hellcat FB group at Check out HollywoodHellcat: Check out Shooting Cars: Instagram CREW: @Chicagospeed @Chicago_Scatpack @Hectik_RT @USS2FAST @Nasty_Hellcat @HollywoodHellcat @ChicagoMopar @Chicagocts_V @Royal_Rumblebee @Mango_Daytona392 @Sublime_Shaker @cdsminc @indigoblue_392 ///// MOPAR YOUTUBE TAKEOVER CREW ///// // Make sure to check out the Content Creators below for more Mopar content. // SRT Mush // Tall Guy Car Reviews // DHR Streetspeed // DFW Speed // Tunnel Chaser // Chicago Mopar // Demonology // RT Life // JMC Rides // MDG Collections // Family Cruisin // Mode2Fame // REIL TO REAL // Growls Garage // Some of the links contained above contain affiliate links and I might make a commission off any sales.

Challenger Hellcat Oil and Brakes Today we performed the break in oil change on the Hellcat and changed the brakes to a lower dust option. Finally we performance tested the OEM and replacement brakes for a comparison. UPDATE 8-22-2017: After 1500 more miles on the brakes I went back to the same location in similar weather and did 6 more panic stops from 60 and the results were all between 111 and 117 feet. I never could induce brake fade. NO downsides that I can see!

Hellcat Catch Can Installation Video

To order click the following link: Nick Billet and Boss Scott walk you through the step by step installation instructions and tips when installing your BT Catch Can on a Dodge Charger or Challenger Hellcat

Dodge Demon Oil Change - What You Should Know

When having the oil changed on my Hellcat at a quick lube and oil change place they kept handing me 2 quarts of oil on my way out saying that the vehicle could only take 5 quarts. What I recently found from going to the dealership was that the oil was not being changed properly. Most quick oil change places want to get you in and out fast so they don't let the oil drain completely. I also learned that you can set an appointment at the dealership and have the car dropped off. It generally takes about 2 hours to have done, and depending on how many miles you put on your car the dealership could be the cheaper option. If you really want to save money you can go old school and do it yourself. Once the oil was changed properly and the oil filter was filled back up with oil the dipstick read halfway with 7 quarts of oil. The mechanic at the dealership advised that this is the proper reading on the dipstick. Thanks to the guys at Meador Dodge for doing a great job! Meador Dodge Please like and subscribe if you want to see more Dodge Demon content!! Support us by visiting: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Thanks to Peter Dunn for aerial shots Music: Cookin Soul - IN YOUR EYES Joakim Karud - Holiday Blues

Hellcat Hidden Feature!

Hidden feature on any 2015+ Hellcat Instagram ► My PC ► Facebook ►

Dodge Challenger Hellcat tips on how to change the oil

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