How to fix a Galaxy S8 with black screen issue after a factory reset

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Galaxy S8 & S8+: Frozen Screen / Can't Swipe / Display Unresponsive / Boot Loop / Black Screen

Easy Fix! If your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus is having frozen screen issues, unresponsiveness, frozen, can't swipe, black screen of death, boot loop where it just consistently reboots, etc you can simply do a hard reboot aka forced reboot or hard reset.,This will not delete any data or anything. If you are still experiencing issues comment below and Ill assist you. Hope you find this video informative thanks. Subscribe for tons of giveaways too. Check out all my Giveaways Videos so far: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: MY WEBSITE:

How to soft reset Galaxy S8

How to soft reset the Samsung Galaxy s8. How to clear a malfunctioning galaxy s8. This tutorial shows how to reset the phone if having any minor issues. If you would like to support my channel: Tutorial videos for the Galaxy S8: Subscribe: Follow on Instagram:

5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

It's one of the worst feelings ever: one moment your phone is safely in your hands, the next it's lying face down on a concrete floor. You pick it up, hoping nothing has happened to it and then you see it: the crack. Before you start freaking out, have a read through this article. We've collected some simple phone repairs that may just save your phone. Follow us on: Youtube - Facebook - Google+ - Instagram - Twitter - See more video on our channal; 1. Toothpaste for your cracked screen If you have an annoying little crack in your screen that's bothering you, you can fill the crack with toothpaste to make it disappear. Make sure you use the white paste variety, rather than the gel. Seal the ports and buttons of your smartphone with tape to make sure no liquid gets in, then rub your chosen toothpaste into the scratched area using a soft cloth. Clean away the excess toothpaste with a slightly damp cloth. 2. Baking soda for scratches No, this isn’t the Great British Bake Off for your phone - but making a thick paste out of baking soda and water may just help to remove scratches. Use two parts baking soda to one part water. Mix it well until you have a thick paste. Put a small amount of the paste onto a microfiber cloth and gently rub in a circular motion on the scratched part of your screen. 3. Sandpaper for scratches A more drastic solution is to grind any scratches out of your screen, by using fine sandpaper. Work cautiously, use the least abrasive sandpaper, press gently and check the results regularly, in case you're creating an uneven surface or worsening the situation. 4. Replace the screen yourself Some smartphone screens are so cracked there's no way you'll be able to buff out those scratches. Manufacturers will offer you hugely expensive repairs, but to save yourself some money you can buy kits and new screens online to replace it yourself. Get your kit from a website like Mission Repair or iFixit (roughly around £61). They often come with all the tools you need for specific phones. Keep in mind that iPhones can be particularly troublesome because Apple make it almost impossible to take your phone apart. This is why it's imperative to watch a tutorial like the one below before attempting DIY screen replacements. 5. A bowl of rice for water damage Did your cell phone recently get wet? Is it no longer working? Don't worry, try putting it in some rice. It sounds crazy but it may just do the trick. We advise to turn off the device as soon as possible first, and to leave it off for 7 days in rice.

cara mengatasi hp lcd blank hitam

Video from Ziemasterteknik mengatasi lcd blank hitam tanpa software atau pun ganti lcd

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hard Reset / Remove Passcode / Forgotten Passcode Unlock

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hard Reset - This video will help you if you forgot the security passcode of your Samsung Galaxy S6. This will work for Samsung Galaxy S6 and any other samsung galaxy phone out there. This will do a Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy S6 and you will be able to use your phone again without any passcode or security pattern. Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Subscribe: Google+ Like this video: Web:

For those #GalaxyS8 owners having black screen issue, this one's for you. We know that there's a lot of S8 devices that suffers an unfortunate fate of having a black screen issue so our suggestions below might help some. The solutions below are not meant to fix all black screen issues (there are a lot variants for this problem) but generally, as long as the reason is not hardware malfunction, these suggestions should work:

cache partition wipe
safe mode
factory reset.

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