DIY Welded Steel Laptop Car Mount

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Before you go out and buy an expensive wall mount for your flatscreen tv, let me show you how to make and mount your flatscreen tv yourself to the wall the cheapest and strongest way. This diy tv mount is easy to make and easy to mount. Any handyman can make this. Some flatscreen tv mount brackets can be very expensive and difficult to mount but this simple method makes mounting your tv on the wall a breeze. Just 2 pieces to make. Easy to attach. ● SPADE DRILL BITS ● DRILL BITS ● MY GOPRO CAMERA ● MY CAMERA ● MY MICROPHONE VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Build your own portable SMART TV (100% wireless!)

Want a better experience watching media on your smartphone? This DIY build should be right up your street! In this one we'll be building on the previous portable monitor project and designing a battery system and speakers for it to transform it into a high quality wifi TV! Previous video that this one is based off: Purchasing links below. Third Hand: Chromecast (official): Speakers: Amplifiers: Voltage meter: Voltage regulators: Battery box: Charger: BATTERY METER CALIBRATION: The bottom variable resistor sets the high voltage point (or 'full charge' voltage), so set this first when batteries fully charged; clockwise lower voltage, anticlockwise higher voltage. The top variable resistor (near the button) sets how broad the range is, so set this afterwards to get the low voltage point at low low battery power, anticlockwise lower, clockwise higher. Low voltage should be about 10v when the batteries have no load connected. The clips playing on the screen were from the trailers for Planet Earth 2 and Assassin's Creed.

Build This Custom Tablet Holder for Under $10

Forget those pricey "universal" holders! This Tablet Holder mounts on your microphone stand and is easy to build. Size it to fit either your tablet or smartphone,,, as a matter of fact, it's so cheap to build, make one for each!

DIY wall-mounted LAPTOP DOCK (neat, tidy, elegant)

In this video we'll be building a neat docking station for laptops that can be wall mounted to keep the desk free from clutter. PARTS LIST BELOW. US Links: PVC Sheet: Aluminum: UK Links: PVC Sheet: Aluminium Sheet: Shot using this camera: Template files (download and open in Inkscape): Video (C) 2018 DIY Perks

A Laptop Dock for the Everyman

If you're running a laptop with no USB type C ports and no proprietary docking solution, this USB 3 dock from Kensington may be the everyman's dock you've been looking for. Meet the Kensington SD3500v. Follow me on Twitter: Buy it on Amazon:

DIY Welded Steel Laptop Car Mount, DIY Welded Steel Laptop Car Mount

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