Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 16 GB, blue Kid-Proof Case review

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Professional review of: Kindle Fire Kids Edition – Fire HD 6”

The video covers, in this order: 1. (Starting at a time display of 0:15): The quality of the case. 2. (At 1:14): Screen quality & the 4 wallpapers. 3. (At 1:52): The Carousel & the Home Screen. 4. Accessing the "Fire For Kids Unlimited" library - samples of books (2:05), videos (3:32) and apps (4:30) including an Aardman Animations app (as in Wallace & Gromit - the app is with Timmy the sheep) (4:43) and a Gruffalo app (5:28). 5. (At 6:09): How to use the Parent Profile to set daily goals & time limits, including different time limits for weekdays & weekends. 6. (At 7:11) What happens to the Kids Fire when your child hits that parental time limit, and the ease of extending it if you wish to. 7. (At 7:35) Exiting the child's profile and entering an adult's profile so you can use the Fire yourself e.g. to access your own books, surf the net etc. 8. (At 8:09) Sample clips from a very good Frozen app (also from the "Fire For Kids Unlimited" library). To understand it better, it will help if you read my written review which is on Amazon here. This is the HD 6 inch (as in my video): A new version of this tablet is now available (If you bought the 6 inch HD version from Amazon and wish you had bought the 7 inch SD (Standard Definition) version, don't worry - you have 30 days within which to return it even if used, under Amazon's return policy). The new version has: - A 7 inch screen instead of 6. - A micro-SD card slot that will take a card up to 128 Gb. This is a major improvement. The 6 inch version (in my video) comes in two sizes - 8Gb and 16Gb, and there is no micro-SD card slot. There is a further difference. People disliked that the firmware in the 6 inch version had no internet access in a Child Profile so your child was barred from accessing (for example) YouTube or anything on the net. Amazon did this to prevent children accessing anything inappropriate - but it prevented access to appropriate content too. The good news is that Amazon is going to introduce a child-friendly web browser with "controlled access to thousands of age-appropriate websites and selected YouTube videos". It isn't ready yet but it is coming. I do not know if it will be applied to the 6 inch version too. BUT the new 7" version has a disadvantage - the screen is not HD. It is SD (Standard Definition). The 6" is 1280x800 resolution at 252 ppi compared with 1024 x 600 resolution at 171 ppi on the 7". I must say that the screen on the 6" is beautifully crisp. The SD 7" version is here:

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