Pro Tips for Nex Machina

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Nex Machina: 11 Essential Tips For Success

After spending a good amount of time with Housemarque's newest arcade shooter, we've detailed a few strategies and tips you can use to really crank up your high scores. The First 10 Minutes of Nex Machina: Watch the latest videos here! ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+: #ign

10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

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Nex Machina: Tips and Tricks

In this video Alex discusses more advanced tips and tricks for Nex Machina. Which powers should you look out for? What's the best way to destroy the enemies? Alex talks about everything you'll need to know to rise up the leaderboards. Let us know if there's any world/boss/level you need help with and we will make a video on it!! Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!!

[4K] Nex Machina is Awesome on PC! Full Graphics Tweak Guide for 1440p/4K Performance!

Housemarque's Nex Machina is the team's first game for PC in 18 years - and it's super-optimised. Here's Tom's look at the game across a vast range of popular graphics hardware. GTX 1060, RX 580, GTX 970, GTX 1080 and Ti - it's ALL here. DF Patreon supporters can grab the pristine download version of this video here: Subscribe for more Digital Foundry:

Nex Machina - Giant Face Boss Destroyed (SECRET BOSS)

Had a good game today, and managed to get to Nex Machina with 5 lives and pulled it off! What an amazing boss, the craftsmanship and music is just off the charts. To access this, you need to beat experienced or harder without using a continue. Good luck! She's tough and this is only on Experienced!

Though a lot of these tips are for high scores, there are many for general play and strategizing. I hope this video can help you get better at Nex Machina.


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