Tokyo Xanadu eX+ - Boss #10: Mist Witch

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jRPGFanatic Review || Tokyo Xanadu eX+ [PS4]

My review of the "latest" jRPG release by Nihon Falcom, Tokyo Xanadu eX+. The review will be covering the game as a whole since I have not played the Vita version. Thank you guys for watching! Please give a like if you enjoyed the review or found it helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts as well! Follow me on Twitter! I'll post about the games I'm playing and random other things. It'll also have video updates in case YouTube isn't notifying you.

Xenoblade 2 - Malos Boss Fight #2

Malos boss fight in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch in 1080p HD. Watch all the bosses here ► ► If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe for more! Xenoblade 2 Malos Boss Battle

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Tokyo Xanadu OST - Seize the Day

Music: Seize the Day Composer: Mitsuo Singa with Falcom Sound Team jdk | Lyrics: Kyo Hifumi Guitar: Koji Sekiguchi (jdk BAND) | Vocal & Chorus: REAL☆SPiKA (Megumi Sasaka, Nagisa Kawabata & Tsukasa Tanaka) Manipulation: Mitsuo Singa Recording Engineer: Koki Tochio | Assistant Engineer: Kazumi Iwano | Recorded at branch studio Album: Tokyo Xanadu Original Soundtrack Playlist: Platform: PlayStation Vita Copyright© Nihon Falcom Corporation


This boss is pretty difficult. Have lots of healing items, lots of patience, and go with god... or Steve.


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