State of Decay 2: 30 Advanced Tips & Tricks Part 1

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State of Decay 2: 35 Advanced Tips & Tricks Part 2

135+ hours, 4 play-through tips, tricks, useful information, guide and explaining, insights about base, cars, weapons, crafting, gameplay etc. Check the timestamps below for each point: 1. 2:05 - Bloaters headshot (35:06 see in action) (shoot in head not tummy) 2. 2:50 - Save the Bloodhearts (removing them removes plague zombies) 3. 4:23 - Stack Cure (without bloodplague you cannot get samples to create cure) 4. 4:55 - Stack Generators (buy then when you can, so you have when needed in quest) 5. 5:37 - Rifle ‘Z’ (scoped rifles has zoom option) 6. 6:20 - Rifle ‘2’ (some rifles has different fire modes) 7. 7:37 - Friendly boost (use radio to get friendly enclaves to get boosts) 8. 9:54 - Check effects (under base options click in effects to get all info) 9. 10:52 - 60 Morale (there is no actual point to go beyond 60) 10. 11:45 - Story restarts (of ignored too long legacy mission chain restarts from the beginning) 13:40 Zombie ambush break 11. 15:35 - Leader exile (only way to swap leaders if needed) 12. 16:25 - To the ground (14:50 can be seen in action) (fighting tactic to minimize dmg taken) 13. 18:33 - Explore rooms (you need to actually be and explore rooms in order to spot loot) 14. 20:48 - Equip heal (for miss-click it's the best option) 15. 22:08 - Mark base (to have 2 directions that always help) 16. 23:15 - Zombies on hood backwards (39:04 in action) (use physics to throw zombies off car) 17. 24:56 - Fireckrackers on humans ('call' zombies to distract humans) 18. 16:28 - Tactical doors (bashing on the ground all the zombies with doors) 19. 29:00 - Jump carefully, fixed ladders (damage from fall and ladders) 20. 31:12 - Check patch notes 4 (be up to date with changes done in game) 21. 32:00 - Offline multiplayer (change Options to have game pausing) 22. 32:44 - 40 zombie doors (car doors break down after 40 hits) 23. 33:22 - Talk quickly (after give in quest to still have trade option) 24. 34:45 - Remove attachments (when selling don't lose silencers) 25. 35:38 - Flip car (at the hood when car is upside down) 26. 36:34 - “Unstuck” or hit it (try all possible directions and check if car moves even by little if not - hit it with other car) 27. 38:31 - Survivors gain perks (if there are less than 4 traits, the by taking as companion when the tell a story new trait can be optioned) 28. 39:55 - Track outposts (in which order you took to know correctly which outpost to abandon when needed) 29. 42:31 - Pick them all (recruit everyone to see if new person is better replacement) 30. 45:16 - Door trap Feral (with small time frame Feral also can be bashed to the ground with doors) 31. 46:42 - Sheriff go home (so far very, very bad benefits from legacy card) 32. 48:28 - Metalworks 125 (build metalworks and with 125 parts craft bunch of weapons that can be used for rest of the game) 33. 51:04 - Autoshop swap (build once, craft few armor kits and replace with anything else) 34. 52:32 - Crafting weapons (best bladed weapon with highest durability) 35. 54:53 - Lichenology (awesome skill to have and had +2 meds with it) 58:30 - outtro

Let's Play State of Decay 2: Move Your Community To A New Map

You know you can move your community to another map right? Hell yeah, you can. Activate the map markers in your Command Center, and head to the marker of your choice. But what happens when you move? Do you keep your favorite ride? Do all your materials make the trip? Find out right now. Watch this video to learn about the mechanics of moving maps, but check out the updated video for Patch 2.0 that talks about a big change to moving maps. State of Decay 2 is being developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. The game was announced on June 13, 2016, at Microsoft's E3 Xbox briefing. The game was scheduled to be released in 2017 for Windows 10 and the Xbox One video game console. At Microsoft's E3 2017 Xbox briefing, it was announced that the game would release in Spring 2018. Additionally, the game will also be available to play at no cost to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at the game's release, as with all forthcoming Microsoft Studios titles. State of Decay will also be sold as an Xbox Play-Anywhere title, as well as cross-play support between Windows 10 and Xbox players. All music used is from in-game footage, and any other audio is created by me. If you'd like to support me personally, visit my patreon page@ Check me out on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook:


Hey there guys Irish Turtle here, so in today's video I show you guys 28 of the unique special skills that your characters can potentially have when your playing state of decay 2. some of them are really awesome and offer some great benefits to your characters as well as your community, for example Fishing gives you plus 2 food per day! And on top of that there could potentially be even more than 28! I hope you guys enjoy and if you do don't forget to drop a like. DISCORD LINK TO FIND OTHER SURVIVORS AND CHAT:

Mighty's Tips an Tricks For State Of Decay 2

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90+ hours spent on State of Decay 2 gave me some insight that I want to share with you about base, community, weapons, supplies and so on. I'll list all the tips and tricks below, if you are lazy to watch :D
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1. 1:13 - River can be crossed (any water)
2. 1:45 - Give arms to everyone (without ammo)
3. 2:32 - Firecrackers are lifesavers (easy to swap)
4. 2:56 - Exile morale destroyers (keep healty community)
5. 3:55 - Keep a fuel can in the trunk (always reserve)
6. 4:27 - Block the walls and enterances (from hordes)
7. 5:33 - Don’t spend the meds (if you have infarmy)
8. 6:21 - Must have silencers (no point of not having them)
9. 6:47 - Always visit traders (mod source)
10. 7:08 - Always help the survivors (enclaives)
11. 7:58 - Never leave enclaves (progress loss)
12. 8:13 - Friendly enclaves don’t leave (not so soon)
13. 9:21 - Don’t upgrade Google car :D (it’s destroyed)
14. 10:18 - Swap mods as per your needs (many mods)
16. 11:08 - Blunt weapons are better (in hordes)
15. 11:54 - Don’t leave Bloodplague samples (influence)
17. 12:55 - Reduce reload time (more bullets are better)
18. 14:00 - Play with recruits (to get to citizens)
19. 15:31 - Level up 5th skill (all skills)
20. 16:44 - Check the 7 stars (if you have them)
21. 17:21 - Boost morale (tresholds)
22. 18:20 - Save your home if low on ammo (zombie attacks)
23. 19:22 - Take shortcuts (roads are suggestions)
24. 20:20 - Check to not lose supplies
25. 21:14 - Store spare supplies (bus)
26. 21:59 - Do NOT rush (enjoy!)
27. 23:11 - Always take companion (swap them)
28. 24:13 - Get supplies from base (teleport them)
29. 25:16 - Store heavy objects in trunk (check weight)
30. 26:17 - Go for durable weapons (and light)

Have fun!

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