Choosing a Melee Fighter! Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, or Samurai? [FFXIV Fun]

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=====[Timestamps]===== Black Mage - 1:25 Summoner - 7:58 Red Mage - 14:56 Rankings - 19:58 Sorry it took so long to get this out! Didn't think it would take this long @_@ I hope you enjoy! ---------- FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010-2018 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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Here is my take on the current state of the four melee jobs as of patch 4.18! Let's compare the dragoon, monk, ninja and samurai jobs to one another! I hope you enjoy!

Which is your favourite? The Dragoon? The Monk? The Ninja? The Samurai? Let me know what your experiences have been like with any of these four jobs! (Lol I typed in "three" orginally. I need sleep @_@)

Dragoon - 01:15
Monk - 06:37
Ninja - 10:20
Samurai - 15:08
Rankings - 19:00

===Notes and Corrections===
Damage Output
-Samurai actually does out-dps Monk. By quite a lot.
I read FFLogs wrong. I thought parse numbers under each percentile were indicative of sample size per percentile so when I looked at the max percentile values, I thought the monk values were accurate due to the number of parses. This was wrong. Also the high monk parse would have been from a raid group or a couple of raid groups that heavily catered to their monk. Thank you so much Yagi Kataiser and IcyPheonix3 for pointing this out in the comments!

- Highest weaponskill potency for a Samurai is actually Higanbana, the Iaijutsu DoT skill that requires exactly 1 Sen effect to be filled on the Sen Gauge. Combined with Kaiten, overall potency of the DoT is 1410 total over a 60 second period. Highest single-hit weaponskill potency still belongs to Setsugekka. Thanks Shaun Perron for pointing that out!

- Ten Chi Jin doubles potency of the ninjutsu skills being used, making TCJ Raiton the highest potency single attack for Ninja, at 720. Thank you Amy Thebruycker for pointing this out!
- Shadewalker does not transfer 80% of current emnity from Ninja to target. Instead it transfers 80% of the emnity the Ninja generates at the time of activating Shadewalker and throughout its duration. Thank you Anthony Delfino for pointing this out!
- Sorry I omitted a line in my rush to fit my audio with the Ninja footage I had. I would like to see a personal DPS increase alongside a Trick Attack nerf. It's too strong to balance around. Its emnity skills' value should be lessened with the Diversion changes being introduced in 4.2.

- 03:10 I accidentally said True Thrust when I meant Full Thrust. Don't use Life Surge with True Thrust. Ever! Lol! Thanks daxtr5 for catching it!

- Doma is a kingdom in the continent of Othard, not the continent itself. PC Samurai are trained in Hingashi, a separate entity from Doma. Thanks IstaroDintari333!
FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010-2018 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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