Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Walkthrough 4

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Gears of War: The Complete Saga v2 (Judgement, RAAM's Shadow, GOW 1-4) 1080p HD

Gears of War UE Intro Cinematic - 00:00 Gears of War 4 Prologue - 01:05 Gears of War Judgement - 08:43 RAAM's Shadow - 01:29:48 Mad World Trailer - 02:30:56 Gears of War UE - 02:31:49 Gears of War 2 Last Day Trailer - 04:10:16 Gears of War 2 Rendevouz Trailer - 04:11:11 Gears of War 2 - 04:12:05 Gears of War "Ashes to Ashes" Trailer - 06:23:07 Gears of War "Dust to Dust" Trailer - 06:24:11 Gears of War 3 - 06:25:03 Gears of War Aftermath (mixed w/ GOW 3) - 07:59:55 Gears of War 4 - 09:41:05 Gears of War 4 Cinematic Trailer - 10:26:56 The complete saga is back with the second edition! We tried to make it in chronological order as much as possible. The cinematic trailers don't fall in line so well with a strict timeline, but we thought they had to be there, they are so good. We also put the Gears of War intro in the beginning just beause we feel like it does the best job to set the context for the whole series, but it definitely isn't chronological order. The Gears of War series takes place on a fictional Earth-like planet named Sera, inhabited by humans. The planet had a history of conflict that took Sera to the brink of destruction. This shocked the people into a rejection of their destructive ways, leading to a golden age of culture, science and the arts, though civil liberties and crime remained troublesome social issues. The energy demands of Sera's population soon surpassed the planet's traditional energy sources like petroleum and nuclear. A search for new energy sources led to the discovery of Imulsion, a glowing liquid with near-unlimited energy potential found in chambers and veins beneath the planet's surface. Due to its potential, wars broke out over control of the Imulsion, the largest being a 79-year war between the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) and the Union of Independent Republics (UIR). This ended when COG opted to use its orbital laser weapon, the Hammer of Dawn, to ravage UIR cities. The COG then negotiated peace treaties with the remaining republics and became the dominant government on Sera. Shortly after this, the bulk of the population was wiped out by a new threat, sentient creatures called Locust that spewed out from underground and attacked across the planet. The onset became known as Emergence Day. COG evacuated survivors to Jacinto Plateau, where the hard rock would prevent the Locust from tunneling from beneath. Those humans who could not leave their homes or refused to do so became known as the Stranded. COG then employed a "scorched earth" tactic, turning the Hammer of Dawn against its own cities to deny the Locust any tactical advantages. COG ordered its troops, "Gears", to continue to protect the Plateau while finding ways to end the Locust threat completely. Our 2nd Channel, GLP TV - BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE:

All Gears Of War Death Scenes

All gears of war death scenes this video include gears of war 1 2 3 and 4 thank you guys for watching this video. Hope you enjoy! Most up to date video as of October 2016

Top 15 Toughest Bosses In The Entire Gears of War Series

he Gears of War series is one of the more famous in gaming, having popularized (not invented) the cover-based third person shooter genre. As such, the series stagnated after Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games but Microsoft's purchase of the IP and the eventual Gears of War 4 helped bring it back. Though Gears of War isn't really known for its tough boss fights - because, well, there aren't many tough fights - let's take a look at some of the toughest bosses you can face in the series. Please note that this list is in ascending order, from least difficult to most. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

Ryu VS Jin (Street Fighter VS Tekken) | DEATH BATTLE!

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History of the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death | Past Mortem [SSFF]

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The story of “Gears of War” thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surfaced from the bowels of the planet. Players live and breathe the role of Marcus Fenix. A disgraced former war hero, Marcus seeks personal redemption as he leads his fire team against an onslaught of merciless warriors from below.

Remastered for 7.1 Surround
- 90 mins of bonus campaign content from the original 2007 Gears of War PC edition
- New Xbox Live achievements (1,250 Gamerscore)
- Concept art gallery and unlockable comics
- Modernized Multiplayer featuring 60 frames per second, dedicated servers and skill-based matchmaking
- New game types - Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill (Gears of War 3 style), Blitz, and new 2v2 Gnasher Execution
- 19 maps, including all XBox 360 DLC and 2007 PC-edition exclusive maps
- 17 unlockable Gears of War 3 characters for Multiplayer progression
- Exclusive Windows 10 PC Features

- Up to 4K resolution (only on Windows 10)
- Unlocked refresh rates for both campaign and multiplayer
- Customizable controls for keyboard and Xbox One Wireless controller with Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows
- Includes the Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack and 11 bonus multiplayer character skins
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