Manual Transmission, How it works ?

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Clutch, How does it work ?

Please make our efforts sustainable : Have you ever wondered what is happening inside a car when you press the clutch pedal? Or why do you need to press the clutch pedal before you shift gears in a manual transmission car? This video gives you logical answers to these questions. At the end of the video, we will also understand the crucial role played by the clutch in an uphill start. Voice over artist :

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Comment fonctionne une boîte de vitesses ?

Aujourd'hui, la plupart des voitures utilisent une boite de vitesses manuelle ou automatique. Une boite de vitesses est un mécanisme destiné à modifier la vitesse de rotation entre l'entrée et la sortie. Cette vidéo vous explique le principe de fonctionnement d'une boîte de vitesses manuelle.

How To Drive A Manual Car for Beginners Step by Step :: Lesson #1

The basic skill for learning to drive a manual car is clutch control. Learn how here - watch the video. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ► See Topics Below. This video is for absolute beginners. The two hardest gears to learn in a manual car are first and reverse. Introduction 0:03 Prologue 2:50 Shift Pattern 3:04 How a Transmission Works - Basics 5:26 Finding the Friction (Biting) Point 8:27 Exercise #1 - Finding the Friction Point (Biting Point) 9:13 Exercise #2 - Moving the Vehicle 12:38 Conclusion 17:07 Question: Do you have exercises for students to learn clutch control? 19:55 Blooper 20:42 A shift pattern for any manual transmission is a basic 'H' pattern. And the transmission pattern or shift pattern is the same regardless of whether you're driving a left-hand or right-hand drive vehicle. First and second gear will be on the left side of the shift pattern. Third and fourth gear will be in the middle of the shift pattern and often, fifth and reverse will be on the right side of the gear box. Most standard transmissions will be a 5-speed. Vehicle manufacturers are beginning to make 6- and even 7-speed transmissions, but if you can drive a 5-speed the other transmission configurations are straight forward. Know that the shifter is designed to rest at the middle gears when in neutral. Thus to go to first and second you need to push/pull the selector to the left, and to go to fifth gear--and often reverse--you have to push/pull the gear selector to the right. When learning to drive a manual transmission it is important to isolate the clutch and learn to find the friction point - the point where the clutch connects the engine with the drive train and the vehicle begins to move forward. As I said this is the absolute first lesson, and you are only going to learn clutch control. Without clutch control, you are going to have difficulty driving a manual car well. EXERCISE #1 - with the parking brake applied, simply bring the clutch out to the friction point, let the engine revs drop a couple hundred rpm and then push the clutch back in. Do this exercise for both first gear and reverse gear. Do it approximately 30 times for each gear. EXERCISE #2 – this exercise moves the vehicle forward with just the clutch. Put your right foot on the brake and put the gear selector into a forward gear. Keep your right foot on the brake, both hands on the steering wheel, and bring the clutch out to the friction point and hold. When the engine bogs down a bit, release the brake because now the vehicle is being held by the clutch. Slowing bring the clutch out through the friction zone until you are able to completely take your foot off the clutch. Because the most vehicles are electronic fuel injection, these will not stall. The engine will torque up when more power is called forward. When the vehicle rolls forward, push the clutch in and engage the brake to stop the vehicle. Do this exercise approximately 30 times for both first and reverse. These are the fundamental exercises for learning clutch control. After you learn clutch control, the rest of the gears and driving a manual transmission are fairly easy. But without clutch control, it will be difficult to drive a manual car. Spend the time here on the fundamentals and you will find that you can competently drive a manual transmission within a few hours. ***********************

Germany CNC Technology - Complete a Crankshaft for Volkswagen Super Car Engine

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Working of a Manual transmission is explained in an illustrative and logical manner in this video with the help of animation. Here the working of Sliding mesh and synchromesh transmissions are well illustrated. This video also explains the working of a reverse gear.

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