The Last Starfighter: That guy with the awesome vocoder

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Star Trek TMP - Opening Klingon Battle Sequence (2018 Extended CGI Redux)

"Star Trek" is the registered trademark of CBS. "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" © Paramount Pictures Corporation. This update to my 2015 work features a more realistic K'tinga mesh. Another change that returning viewers may notice is that I've linked V'ger's reactive lighting effects to the Klingon aggression. Thus, they are now triggered by the attack and don't appear until the "evasive" shot.

The Lost Patrol - a Star Wars fan film

Skip the scroll up (but you shouldn't!): 1:25 Just a little fan film for the fun of it. X-Wings vs. TIE Fighters and a little Top Gun. Thanks to all involved!

The Last Starfighter - Xur's Speech

The Last Starfighter - Xur's Speech 1984

The Zat'nik'tel was the stupidest weapon: Michael Shanks and Ben Browder (Zat Gun)

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I noticed nobody had made a video with all the best bits of The Last Starfighter, i.e. all those guys with the cool vocoders. So I decided to make it. I don't own The Last Starfighter, or Alex Rogan, or Xur, or Grig, or even the Kodan Armada. It all belongs to Universal, et cetera. Always trust Centauri. If I've missed any bits out, please let me know.

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