How to fix Galaxy S8 if it has become very slow or keeps freezing after an update

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How to fix samsung phones with slow charge (WORKING 2018)

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5 Simple Life Hacks For your Phone

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Samsung Galaxy S8: 5 Actual Hidden Tips + ONE SUPER SECRET Feature!

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10 ways to speed up your Samsung Galaxy S8 (S8+)

Speed up Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus Ways to improve speed and performance of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus Tip 1: Change performance mode The Galaxy S8 ships with its default set to ‘Optimized’ use. It means that your processor is working at an optimized level and not in its super power mode. Change it to ‘Game mode’ which scales up performance of the processor but it also eats up a bit extra off your battery - but i’m guessing you won’t have problems with that compromise as long as performance is better. Tip 2: Lower the resolution Higher the solution the more taxing it is for your processor to fill more detail onto your screen. Go into settings, display and then screen resolution - and drag the slider down to FHD+. If it was already on FHD+, then drag it down to HD+ to save even more battery than you alredy were. Your device should definitely speed up & also save you some battery. Tip 3: Uninstall unnecessary apps I know this one is a given but i’m surprised by how people don’t do this at all. Go into your application manager and select the ‘all’ tab. And the best way to do that is to install Easy Uninstaller which lets you uninstall multiple apps in one go. So I suggest you go through the list of all the apps that you have - keep checking the ones that you don’t use and please be honest with yourself while doing that. And then hit uninstall. That’s it. Restart your phone once after you do this and you might not see a huge jump in speed - but you’d notice that your phone would not lag as often as it used to. Tip 4: Clear the cache frequently Now I know what you’re thinking. Cache is pretty much what you need to speed up in the firsr place. Well actually that is true but it’s not exactly the same. The cache in our smartphone also stores information that helps loads content on your smartphone faster. For e.g. If I open my instagram right now or flipboard or Facebook - you’d see that all my content has loaded and there is no image loading. That’s because - all of these pictures have been cached. Now - this makes browsing through my app faster - but does not make my phone fast. Having said that, you need to clear your cache because it does bulk up, become corrupted and run into other unexpected issues. This can cause your phone to act up. Clear it once every month. Go to settings, device maintenance and hit ‘optimize now’. But please note - you might seem like your device is a bit slower after this. That’s ok - because that’s only going to happen initially as your smartphone starts to re-download new stuff in the beginning into your cache. Tip 5: Activate Download booster Did you know that you could use your Wi-fi internet speed and your telecom data speed together simultaneously to increase your downloading speed. Just go into settings, connections, more connection settings and hit ‘Download Booster’. Tip 6: Remove widgets While this should really not be the case considering how powerful S8 is - but if your phone is absolutely sluggish - then you must remove the widgets. Widgets are loaded every time you open your home-screen or unlock your phone and depending on the type of widget - they might be quite resource intensive too as they keep fetching data. Tip 7: Limit background processes Your phone is always doing stuff in the background and when these processes pile up they can really slow your device down. Good thing is, you can limit them to keep performance at maximum. Tip 8: Reduce animation scales And this one is one of those that instantly show you the difference. Animations can be made faster and that gives you the feeling that it your phone has infact become faster. Go into settings and change animation settings for all of them down to 0.5x. You will now see a significant bump in the speeds with which your apps open and close. The phone dialer is going to come up faster. Just everything in general is going to seem faster now. Tip 9: Don’t keep activities. This is a big one. Android’s multi-tasking prowess is impressive. But it is also one of the reasons why they slow down over a period of time. The don’t keep activities developer setting stops apps from running in the background when closed or switched and that keeps your RAM memory free to use elsewhere. Tip 10: wipe the phone. The royalty-free music used in this video is 'Back To The Stars' by Nazar Rybak. (, licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0". I have given credit for the use of this music at the end in the video description. Here is a link to the terms of the license:

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Today's #GalaxyS8 video tries to address another common problem on this device -- slow performance or freezing issue following an update. Many S8 users experiences this problem right after installing the latest Android Oreo patch so if you're one of them, make sure to follow this video.

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